Primus Power is a privately held, Northern California based producer of flow batteries.  These patented, liquid batteries provide flexible capacity from 25kW to 25MW, for stationary, grid scale applications. Primus' EnergyPod provides 5 hours of energy discharge and a long twenty year life span. The company's innovations provide for more robust systems and high power density to yield grid parity pricing and dependable performance.   
Primus Power's EnergyPod are installed at customer sites for use daily, helping to  optimize the grid or micro-grid  to reliably manage & deliver stable low cost electricity to end users. The batteries are inherently low maintenance.

The company has proven technology with installed systems that are working in the field. With an international footprint, growing backlog, and partnerships with leading suppliers, integrators, and customers, Primus Power is poised to take advantage of the vast, growing market for energy storage. ​

Grid Scale Energy Storage Applications for Primus Power

Primus Power's flow batteries are helping stabilize renewable energy sources,  reduce demand charges for peak time-of-day electricity use,   forestall or forego new generation plants by shaving peak loads, provide back-up emergency power, power off-grid operations, and enable electricity transmissions by providing for energy storage at the send and receive points.

Primus Power      3967 Trust Way, Hayward, CA 94545      Phone:USA +1 (510) 342-7600