Energy Storage


Batteries for Grid Scale Applications Must Last Decades and Deliver Long Duration Energy Discharge On-Demand

Primus Power smart grid storage enables a carbon free cloud

Grid scale batteries are suitable for installation in local, national, and international grid infrastructure if they have decades long life and a long discharge period. Unlike back up generators, batteries are quiet, have a small footprint, and can respond immediately to power-on when needed. Unlike solar or wind power, grid scale batteries can help meet critical energy delivery at any time of day. Primus flow batteries require little maintenance.
Primus Power battery solutions provide for decades long life and hours long energy discharge to meet customer requirements.  In addition, the EnergyPod meets the demands to deliver electricity at grid parity: in the same price range as other sources of electricity delivered to the end-user.

The EnergyPod can scale to 25kW to accomodate a corporate campus or a housing development, 1MW  to support a remote mining operation, or scale to 25MW to accommodate an electric substation, a solar farm, or a wind farm.

Utilities can use long duration batteries instead of fossil-based systems to satisfy peak power needs, defer costly system upgrades, and shift mid-day oversupply of renewable photovoltaic generation to evening peak periods.  

​The power and viability of renewable energy sources benefit from the long duration energy storage. Extra power generated during optimal conditions can be transmitted where needed or the energy may be stored for latter use. Likewise, batteries may offer relief when solar or wind energy are unavailable. 

Avoiding fossil fuels and enabling renewable energy sources are the best means to enable a carbon free cloud. 
  1. Commercial Operations
    Commercial Operations
    Helping to reduce time-of-day utility demand charges, smooth potentially damaging energy surges, and provide instant-on back-up power during power interruptions.
  2. Energy Generation
    Energy Generation
    Helping utilities defer building expensive new plants that can damage the environment; charging during off-hours and discharging during peak hours can shave peak loads.
  3. Renewable Energy
    Renewable Energy
    Allows for continuous delivery of electricity when sunshine or wind are reduced; critically important as renewables become a greater percentage of power generation.
  4. Remote Operations
    Remote Operations
    Mining, military, desalinization, and disaster relief may all be off-grid. Batteries enable operating in remote corners of the world when combined with renewable energy.
  5. Distribution
    Energy transmission works when time of generation and time of transmission can be separated. Batteries provide the perfect vehicle to source and receive transmissions.
  6. Emergency Power
    Emergency Power
    Batteries ensure that lights are on, critical care patients are supported, food storage or manufacturing operations can continue, and other essential services are assured, instantly.

Applications for batteries with long duration energy discharge.

Solar Farm

Wind Farm




Electric Vehicles


Remote Projects

Example field installations of Primus Power Systems

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