EnergyPod 2

EnergyPod® 2

Long Duration Energy Storage

Multi-hour duration, full power

Multi-decade life

No electrode stack replacement

No fire risk

5 Full Hours · 25 kW Modules · 20 Years

EnergyPod 2 benefits from experience gained with field installations of the award-winning first generation EnergyPod.

Customer feedback has inspired engineering optimizations that allow EnergyPod 2 to deliver an industry-leading levelized cost of storage. Unlike lithium-ion based systems, EnergyPod 2 has no fire concerns and energy capacity does not fade over time. Its optimized design eliminates expensive and life-limiting components – membranes/separators, graphite electrodes, and complex plumbing – that spoil the economics of other flow batteries. EnergyPod 2 is shipping to customers worldwide.

Battery type Zinc bromide flow battery
Electrodes Titanium
Cell architecture No separator/membrane
Flow architecture Single tank, single pump, single flow loop
Rated power 25 kW
Related discharge energy
At rated power
125 kWh
EnergyPod efficiency
Roundtrip DC incl. auxiliaries at 25°C ambient
Depth of discharge 100%
Dimensions 1.8 x 2.1 x 2.2 m
Mass 4,200 kg
Handling/transport Forklift, pallet jack, crane, standard ISO shipping container
Supported protocols TCP/IP, Modbus over TCP/IP or RS485, DNP3, SCADA, Open ADR, CAN Open, and OPC Server
Ambient temperature
With base package
-5°C to 40°C
Ambient temperature
With optional cold and hot weather packages
-30°C to 50°C
Humidity Non-condensing
Enclosure IP54/NEMA 3S
Seismic IEEE 693
Designed to comply with: UL 9540, UL1973, NFPA 70, IEEE 693


  • Cold weather package
  • Hot weather package
  • Black start
  • Hybrid flex flow
  • Primus Energy Management System (PEMS)
  • Multiple front cover color options

All options packaged within EnergyPod enclosure.

EnergyPod 2 Spec Sheet (PDF) Download